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Visit any of our shops today, in case you’ve got a Motorola E2/E3/E4 that needs a quick repair, whether its a screen repair, battery replacement or water damage recovery we’ll get it on and running again. If you’re looking for a fast, safe, and effective Motorola E2/E3/E4 Repair in Canada (Vancouver, Burnaby & New Westminster) then come visit us. We have the best technicians with the right tools and equipment waiting to fix your phones at the stores. Fast Cell Repair is a renowned smartphone repairing service provider and retailer company in Canada.

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Screen Repair

Motorola E2/E3/E4 Front Glass Repair OEM-GradeCall for Price
Motorola E2/E3/E4 Front Glass & LCD Repair OEM-Grade

Fast Cell Repair can replace your Motorola E2/E3/E4 screen in 20 to 30 minutes. We are using the highest quality LCD screens with Life Time Warranty and also give you a Price Match Guarantee on it. Our experienced technicians are highly trained and certified to repair any Motorola model. So,  please call 604-374-5945 or visit our store today.

Battery Replacement

Motorola E2/E3/E4 Battery ReplacementCall for Price

We can replace your Motorola E2/E3/E4 battery in 20 to 30 minutes. We are well known for providing the highest quality Batteries for cell phones. Fast Cell Repair gives Life Time Warranty and Price Match Guarantee on each repair or replacement. Fast Cell Repair has a team of expert technicians to repair and replace any Motorola part. If you need any kind of help in getting your phone’s battery replaced Please call 604-374-5945 or visit our store today.

Camera Repair

Motorola E2/E3/E4 Back Camera RepairCall for Price
Motorola E2/E3/E4 Front Camera Repair
Motorola E2/E3/E4 Camera Lens Repair

Get your Motorola E2/E3/E4 camera repaired from Fast Cell Repair. We can replace your Camera in 30 to 45 minutes. We use high-quality Parts in replacing or repairing any Motorola camera. The parts that you get repaired from us are covered with a lifetime warranty and price match guarantee. If you need any assistance in getting your phone fixed so please call us at 604-374-5945 our customer representative will guide you.

Charging Port Repair

Motorola E2/E3/E4 Charging Port RepairCall for Price

Are you looking to get your Motorola E2/E3/E4 Charging port replaced? Then don’t you worry. Fast Cell Repair can replace your Motorola charging port in no time. We change charging ports of all kinds of phones and gives you the best quality part at the most reasonable price. If want to get your Motorola charging port replaced or repaired then please contact us for pricing and location or visit us at our store.

Buttons & Sensors

Motorola E2/E3/E4 Power Button RepairCall for Price
Motorola E2/E3/E4 Volume Button Repair

Buttons and sensor replacement for iPhones are now available at our stores. Fast Cell Repair can replace your Motorola E2/E3/E4 Power Button or any button with the most reasonable pricing and without wasting any time of yours. Our certified technicians can now replace all kinds of phones, buttons, and sensors. So, Call us to know the price and visit your nearest Fast Cell Repair shop.

Speakers & Microphone

Motorola E2/E3/E4 Loudspeaker RepairCall for Price
Motorola E2/E3/E4 EarPiece Repair
Motorola E2/E3/E4 Microphone Repair

The loudspeaker, earpiece, and microphone all can be repaired and replaced at Fast Cell Repair. We can replace your Motorola E2/E3/E4 Speaker in less than 30 minutes. Our Services are considered the most customer-centric in the marketplace. So please contact us at 604-374-5945 for booking an appointment, pricing, or getting the nearest store location. Our customer representative will guide you.

Software Repair/Unlock

Motorola E2/E3/E4 Software RepairCall for Price

Fast Cell Repair is an expert in resolving any kind of software issue in phones. If you’re having a software problem with your Motorola E2/E3/E4 whether it’s a jailbreak, carrier unlocks, Data Backup, or any issue at all we can fix it in no time. We are well known for giving our customers the best services in the quickest way possible. So Contact us for pricing and booking an appointment with us.

Liquid Damage Recovery

Motorola E2/E3/E4 Water Damage RepairCall for Price

Water Damage can be really heartbreaking for cell phone users. It can be a serious issue for all the data you have on your phone. Fast Cell Repair is the only company that provides water damage recovery for its valued customers. If you happen to have a soaked-up Motorola E2/E3/E4 then without wasting a minute visit our store or contact us to know the nearest location of our store and price for the recovery.

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